• Interim Management
  • We have experience in Director and Site Leadership roles primarily in high volume Manufacturing Operation's environments whether Greenfield start-up, Product and Process Transfers, Re-Structuring, Consolidation, or Brownfields.
    • Support can be provided and leveraged for site selection, facility design review, construction project management, organization development, equipment selection, and industrialization.
    • Current Site Leader position, regional leader, or other important Operational leader position needs to be temporarily filled until a long term candidate is on-board.
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We provide Interim Management and Consulting Services
for both Western and Asian Companies.
  • Western Company:
  • We can provide short-term support anywhere in Asia.
  • Solve customer, supplier delivery and/or quality problems.
  • Recruit or train a new General or Plant Manager.
  • Provide a 3rd party to assess a situation, recommend solutions, and/or take action.
  • Asian Company:
  • We can provide short-term support anywhere in USA.
  • Solve issues with global management and provide professional advice.
  • Help you establish a presence in USA:
    • - customer contacting
    • - customer presentations
    • - warehousing and logistics
    • - Quality systems