Chinese company marketing and operational improvement

Advising a Chinese precision stamping company to improve its marketability and operational performance
Chinese precision stamping and tool company

A Chinese precision stamping and tool company wants to expand its sales in Asia and start exporting to the USA. They understand their current marketing materials may not be so attractive to the American purchasing organizations as well as its current operational quality may not be suitable for the American people. Asia Manufacturing Services reviewed their marketing strategies and materials, audited their manufacturing sites, and developed an improvement program.

A small newly formed Chinese precision stamping and tool manufacturing company has a goal to expand its sales within Asia and start exporting to the USA. The company wants advice on marketing their company as well as improving their overall operational performance.

Asia Manufacturing Services evaluated their current marketing strategies and materials and audited their 3 factories. More than 50 opportunities for improvement were defined and a plan was made to implement the improvements. As the company is quite small, they are unable to afford an initial significant amount of time with Asia Manufacturing Services so alternative ways were devised to assist the Chinese company realize its goals.

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