Manufacturing parts General Manager

Temporary replacement of General Manager
Western automotive parts company

A Western company with several factories in China terminated its General Manager and needed to find an immediate replacement. The Western company was unable to promote an internal candidate and their recruiting companies could not find a permanent replacement quick enough. Asia Manufacturing Services provided an Interim General Manager that was able to define and implement improvements in productivity, quality, and services to its customers.

A western company in China has several Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprises (WOFE's) and one Joint Venture (JV) with a Chinese company. The JV's performance is quite substandard compared to other similar product manufacturing companies. The General Manager was suddenly terminated and someone was needed to be an Interim Manager.

Even though the western company had several facilities in China, there was not a suitable person within the organization to quickly promote or assume a temporary leadership position. Asia Manufacturing Services immediately filled the position and within 2 months a suitable replacement General Manager was hired. During the Interim Management period, several new business practices were implemented to improve the productivity, quality, and service delivery to their customers.