Management training and advise in China and in USA

Upgrading management skill sets and developing a business cultural bridge between USA and China
A western manufacturing parts company

A western company in the USA and its subsidiary located in China were having difficulties in understanding each other's business environment. Asia Manufacturing Services provided ongoing training programs to upgrade its Chinese management staff's capabilities and teach them western management practices and expectations. Also, Asia Manufacturing Services regularly met with the USA management teams to inform them about their Chinese subsidiary business environment, the challenges that face them, and ways in which they are working to resolve or improve the current situation.

A western manufacturing parts company was becoming increasingly frustrated with their management team in China. Most of the management team has been with the company for more than 5 years and were therefore quite loyal. Even though the sales in China were growing over 30% per year, the competency expectation gap was becoming ever larger.

Over the years, the Western company sent several of their directors and managers to China to provide training, but the training seemed to be less and less effective. The Western company was considered offering one of its directors an expatriate position in China but it was a fairly small company and could not necessarily afford the high costs.

In addition, none of the management team had a solid working knowledge of Chinese business practices or cross functional broad expertise, and none of them were truly interested to move their families to China. They came across the idea of contracting a company that would regularly advise and train both management teams. Asia Manufacturing Services regularly visited their Western office and Chinese factory to bridge the competency gap as well as identify opportunities for growth.

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